Top 7 Best Redux Courses (Online)

David Brown (Senior Developer) Updated March 7, 2024
Top 7 Best Redux Courses (Online)

1. The Ultimate Redux Course

Mosh Hamedani Online course by Mosh Hamedani certification icon Certification available

This course is designed to help developers of all experience levels become experts in Redux. It covers the basics of Redux, including its purpose, when to use it, and how to write clean, concise code. You'll learn essential functional programming principles, debugging techniques, and industry best practices. You'll also learn to connect React and Redux using react-redux. This course is perfect for developers looking to add Redux to their skill set and get a better job or raise. Prerequisites include at least 3 months of experience programming in JavaScript.

2. Full Redux Course - Redux from Beginner To Advanced Level

3.9/5 (2698 students) Read the reviews
Indian Coders Online course by Indian Coders certification icon Certification available

This course is designed for React developers who want to learn Redux. It covers the basics of Redux, Redux Stores and Reducers, Redux Toolkit, and Advanced concepts like Asynchronous Tasks and Firebase Realtime Database. The course also covers how to use Dispatches, useSelectors, and how to manage states, notifications, and cart data in Firebase.

3. Redux – End to End

4/5 (135 students) Read the reviews
Packt Publishing Online course by Packt Publishing certification icon Certification available

This course focuses on leveraging the Redux framework to improve engineering in React applications. It starts with a minimal webpack application and builds up to a complex isomorphic Redux application with secure authentication and API integration. The instructor is Sam Slotsky, a software engineer and saxophonist from Iowa who specializes in back-end web applications, databases, and JavaScript and has authored and contributed to open source packages for React, Redux, Knockout, and Meteor.

4. Modern React with Redux

4.6/5 (270908 students) Read the reviews
Stephen Grider Online course by Stephen Grider certification icon Certification available

This course is a comprehensive resource for learning React and Redux. It will teach you the fundamental features of React and Redux, including JSX, state, props, reusable components, integration of advanced browser features, styling libraries, UI composition, and deployment. In addition, you will learn ES2015 syntax, and popular design patterns.

5. Advanced Redux an React

4.4/5 (81238 students) Read the reviews
Stephen Grider Online course by Stephen Grider certification icon Certification available

This course is designed to teach students the skills needed to understand and build React components and structure applications with Redux. It covers topics such as authentication, higher order components, middleware, and testing with Mocha/Chai. This course is advanced, and assumes that learners already have knowledge of React and Redux. It also covers the latest versions of both React and Redux. It includes detailed lessons on how to use and test React and Redux applications, as well as how to set up a server with enterprise-grade authentication.

6. Learn basics of Redux in React Native in 2 hours!

4.2/5 (10582 students) Read the reviews
Stefan Hyltoft Online course by Stefan Hyltoft certification icon Certification available

This course teaches students how to use Redux in React Native to build great apps. It covers why to use Redux, when to use it, how to create Redux Actions, Reducers, Store and how to utilize Redux Thunk and API's. The course starts with a simple counter app to understand the foundational Redux concepts.

7. Redux in Angular (2 and 4+)

4.1/5 (4511 students) Read the reviews
Mosh Hamedani Online course by Mosh Hamedani certification icon Certification available

This course will teach you the fundamentals of Redux, a lightweight and simplified implementation of the Flux architecture. You will learn how to decouple your application from a presentation framework like Angular, how to unit test your application, how to use Redux Dev Tools, and more. It covers topics such as pure functions, working with actions, the select pattern, and more.

Are you looking to increase your coding skills and become a master of web development?

If so, then you should consider learning Redux. Redux provides developers with an organized and efficient way to create applications with reusable code.

Let’s will discuss the importance of Redux and why it is beneficial to learn.

Learning Redux Framework Online: A Student’s Guide

What is Redux?

Redux is an open-source JavaScript library that is used for managing the state of an application. It is based on the principles of unidirectional data flow and immutable data and is often used with React, Angular, and other frameworks.

Redux provides a reliable and efficient way to store and manage data, as well as providing a predictable way to update the data based on user input.

It works by using a single, global store that contains all of the data for the application. This store is known as the “state” and is a plain JavaScript object that holds all the data that the application needs.

When an action is dispatched, the state is updated with the new data. The state can be modified only by dispatching a specific action.

Redux also provides a way to manage side effects, such as API calls, or handling asynchronous code.

This is done by using “middleware“, which is a series of functions that handle the side effects before the state is updated.

Redux is commonly used in combination with React, and is often referred to as the “React-Redux” combination.

When used together, React and Redux provide a powerful way to build applications that are easy to maintain and debug.

Redux Learning Resources

While Redux is powerful and valuable, it can be challenging to learn and master. Fortunately, there are a number of resources available to help developers get up to speed with Redux.

Overall, there are a number of excellent resources available to help developers learn and use Redux.

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive introduction or a more in-depth understanding, there is something out there to help you get up to speed with Redux.

With a bit of time and effort, anyone can become a Redux expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Redux easy to learn?

Redux is relatively easy to learn for developers familiar with concepts such as state management, data flow, and component architecture. It is also quite simple to set up and use on projects, and its intuitive design makes it easy to understand and implement. That being said, it is important to understand the basics of React and Redux before diving into Redux as it will make the learning process much smoother.

How long does it take to learn Redux?

It largely depends on the person's existing knowledge and experience in programming. For someone with no prior experience in React and Redux, it may take anywhere from several weeks to a few months to become proficient in the usage of Redux. However, it may be quicker for someone who has experience in React, since Redux is a library used in conjunction with the React library. Ultimately, the amount of time it takes to learn Redux will depend on the individual's dedication to gaining the necessary knowledge.

Is Redux harder than React?

No, Redux is not harder than React. While Redux is a separate library from React, it is often used in conjunction with it, and it can be used to simplify the complexity of a React application. While Redux may seem complex at first, it is not actually difficult to learn; it merely requires a bit of knowledge and practice to get comfortable with its structure and usage.

What is the Redux framework?

The Redux framework is a state container for JavaScript applications that provides an efficient and straightforward way to manage application state. It is a lightweight library that helps developers to store, manage, and retrieve data from a single source of truth. Redux enables developers to design applications that are more predictable and easier to debug, as it keeps the state of the application in a single, immutable store. It also provides middleware functionality, allowing developers to make use of third-party libraries to extend the capabilities of the framework.

What does Redux do?

Redux provides a predictable, centralized state container for JavaScript applications, making it easier to build complex applications that can be run on different platforms. Redux also provides tools for managing data flow, managing async logic, and structuring applications. It helps maintain application state in an efficient, predictable way while keeping codebase organized and maintainable.


In conclusion, learning Redux Framework online is a great way to become a React developer and leverage the power of the Redux Framework.

It can be a great addition to your development toolkit and it can help you bring your React applications to life.

The online tutorials and resources make it easy to get started and the community can be a great place to get help and ask questions.

With Redux, you can easily create complex applications that scale and are easy to maintain.

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