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Our team is comprised of individuals with industry knowledge and domain expertise, whose lives have been impacted by online education. 

thomas nguyen

Thomas Nguyen

CTO & Co-Founder, Network Engineer

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David Brown

CEO & Co-Founder, Senior Developer

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Olivia Ortiz

CTO & Co-Founder, Web Designer

Find the best courses, on almost any subject

ClassIndexer aggregates online classes from reliable providers, study and rank them to help you find the best ones, on almost any subject.

Over 200k Courses Database

We crawled the web and major e-learning providers to gather data points on over 200 thousand online courses.

From reliable sources & platforms

We select reputable MOOC platforms as well as independent e-learning providers, and only suggest vetted sources.

Curated by Industry Experts

We work with subject matter experts to review and pick the right courses, in a wide range of subjects.

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