Top 10 Best Dart Programming Courses (Online)

David Brown (Senior Developer) Updated March 4, 2024
Top 10 Best Dart Programming Courses (Online)

Dart (programming language) courses for beginners

1. Flutter & Dart - The Complete Guide

4.6/5 (203730 students) Read the reviews
Academind by Maximilian Schwarzmüller Online course by Academind by Maximilian Schwarzmüller certification icon Certification available

This course teaches Flutter and Dart from scratch, and no prior knowledge is required. Participants will learn how to build amazing iOS and Android apps, use Google's Material Design, debug, create page navigation, handle user input and authentication, send Http requests, use native device features, add animations, and more. The course includes detailed setup instructions, an introduction to the concepts behind widgets, and publishing to the app stores. Basic programming language knowledge is helpful but not required.

2. The Complete Dart Development Bootcamp

4.6/5 (150895 students) Read the reviews
Dr. Angela Yu Online course by Dr. Angela Yu certification icon Certification available

This course teaches students the fundamentals of Flutter app development and Dart programming. It includes 28+ hours of HD video tutorials, teaching students how to make over 15 fully-fledged apps, such as Whatsapp, QuizUp, and Yahoo Weather. Students will learn key concepts such as stateful vs. stateless widgets, widget tree, state management, animations, and themes. Students will also have the opportunity to learn object oriented programming, networking, data storage, and authentication. By the end of the course, students will have a portfolio of apps and understand how to make their own Dart apps.

3. The Complete Dart Learning Guide

4.5/5 (36770 students) Read the reviews
Hassan Fulaih Online course by Hassan Fulaih certification icon Certification available

This course covers the programming language Dart, developed by Google in 2011. It is capable of compiling to Javascript and native code for fast execution, and it can be used for both client-side and server-side development with 'C'-like syntax, OOP capabilities, and features similar to Javascript. Hot reloading allows for easy testing of code. It has been overlooked for some time, but its use is now growing due to its speed and versatility.

4. Dart Masterclass Programming Course: iOS/Android Bible

4.1/5 (18170 students) Read the reviews
Frahaan Hussain Online course by Frahaan Hussain certification icon Certification available

This course is a comprehensive guide to the popular programming language Dart. It teaches students the fundamentals of Dart and how to develop Dart applications for both iOS and Android. It covers topics such as certifications, coding semantics, mobile programming, network programming, application programming and design practices. The course includes lifetime access to HD quality videos, downloadable starter and final code for each section, free helpful support, and multiple coding challenges with solutions included.

5. Master the Dart Language with Null Safety- For Beginners

4.7/5 (11055 students) Read the reviews
Rahul Agarwal Online course by Rahul Agarwal certification icon Certification available

This interactive course will teach you the fundamentals of Dart, an object-oriented language that is clean, simple, and class-based. The course has been updated to cover the new features of Flutter including Null safety concepts, and will also cover working with DartPad, exploring the first Dart application, built-in data types and variable declarations, conditional statements, loops and iterators, functions and methods, object-oriented concepts, inheritance, constructors, Dart collections, and arguments and their types. Upon completion, you'll have the necessary skills to create apps that can run on a variety of different platforms.

6. Dart Language Practice Tests

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Levent Kantaroğlu Online course by Levent Kantaroğlu

This course covers the basics of the Dart programming language to its more advanced features. It includes 100 questions on topics such as data types and variables, operators, control flow statements, collections, built-in methods, functions, classes, objects, asynchronous operations, exceptions, libraries and packages, callables, metadata, and dart commands. The duration for each question is three minutes and the course is meant to raise awareness about code structures and solutions offered by the Dart language, not to provide a level detection.

Advanced Dart (programming language) courses

1. Dart - Intermediate Course

4.6/5 (72742 students) Read the reviews
Bryan Cairns Online course by Bryan Cairns certification icon Certification available

This course will cover the intermediate level of the Dart language, teaching topics such as classes, scope, packages, the file system, and generic programming. All code used in the course is available on GitHub.

2. Learn Dart 2.16+ OOP (Object Oriented Programming)

0/5 (2 students) Read the reviews
Izweb Academy Online course by Izweb Academy certification icon Certification available

This course is an introduction to object-oriented programming (OOP) using Dart 2.16.1. It covers topics such as classes, constructors, objects, and more. It is part of a series of courses on learning Dart and Flutter, and upon completion, students will have a comprehensive understanding of the language, its strengths, and how it is used in the Flutter framework. Enroll today to gain valuable insight into the Dart language.

Free Dart (programming language) tutorials

1. Pre-Flutter & Dart: Everything To Know Before You Start!

4.2/5 (30911 students) Read the reviews
Farid Ul Haq Online course by Farid Ul Haq

This free course provides an overview of Google Flutter and Dart, as well as their benefits and why Flutter chose to use Dart. Additionally, this course discusses job opportunities for those interested in app development, such as freelancing or traditional hiring. The course is divided into sections to ensure the information is easily accessible.

2. Flutter & Dart for Beginners: Complete Course

4.5/5 (9994 students) Read the reviews
Aditya Thakur Online course by Aditya Thakur

This free tutorial is a comprehensive introduction to Flutter and Dart for beginners interested in learning mobile app development. It offers over 1.5 hours of exclusive content, including sections on Dart programming, HTTP requests, JSON parsing, Navigation, and more. With this course, learners can develop fundamental concepts of Flutter, Dart, control structures, software design, and networking. Upon completion, learners will have the skills to create their own Flutter apps.

Have you heard of the programming language called Dart? It is quickly becoming one of the most popular language options for developers today, and for good reason.

Let’s explore why learning Dart is beneficial and why it is becoming so popular.

Learning Dart (programming language) Online: A Student’s Guide

What is Dart?

Dart is an open-source, object-oriented programming language created by Google and released in 2011. It is designed to be easy to learn and use and can be used to develop applications for the web, mobile, and desktop.

Dart is designed to make development faster and more efficient, while also providing a powerful and scalable language.

It is an object-oriented language that can be used to develop high-performance, large-scale applications.

Dart uses a syntax that is based on JavaScript but is more concise and easier to read. It is also designed to be fast and efficient, allowing developers to quickly modify and debug applications.

Dart is used to create user interfaces, data structures, and other elements of an application. It also provides a wide range of libraries and frameworks, such as AngularDart, Polymer, and Flutter, that can be used to develop web and mobile applications.

Dart is versatile, allowing developers to create high-performance applications for the web, mobile, and desktop.

It is easy to learn and use, making it a great choice for developers of all skill levels. With its scalability and powerful libraries,

Dart can be used to create robust and efficient applications that can scale to meet the needs of users.

Resources for Learning Dart

Dart is a relatively new language but has seen an impressive amount of traction and adoption by developers, with many of the world’s biggest tech companies using it to power their apps.

Here are some of the best resources available for learning Dart:

  • Courses – The best way to get started with Dart is to take an online course. There are a variety of courses available, ranging from beginner-level introductions to advanced topics. Besides our top recommended online courses, other popular options include the Introduction to Dart course from Google cloud training at Coursera, the Dart Programming Language from Codecademy, the Dart Academy BootCamp, and freecodecamp’s youtube video series.
  • Tutorials – If you prefer to learn on your own, there are a number of tutorials available to help you get started. The official Dart website has a great selection of tutorials, ranging from language basics to advanced topics. Additionally, the DartPad web IDE provides a great interactive environment for trying out Dart code without having to set up a development environment.
  • Open Source Projects – If you’re looking for real-world examples of Dart code in action, then open source projects are a great way to get familiar with the language. Popular projects include the AngularDart web framework, the Flutter mobile framework, and the Dart VM. Additionally, there are a variety of libraries available for various tasks such as networking, UI, and data processing.

Learning a new programming language can be intimidating, but with the right resources, it’s easier than ever to get up to speed with Dart.

Whether you want to take an online course, read tutorials, or explore open-source projects, there are plenty of options available.

With a little dedication and practice, you’ll be writing quality Dart code in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Dart programming easy to learn?

Dart is a relatively new programming language, and is relatively easy to pick up. It is object-oriented, and uses a syntax similar to other popular languages such as Java and JavaScript, making it an ideal choice for new programmers who are familiar with these languages. With its intuitive design, it is easy to understand the basics of Dart, and the language also offers powerful APIs for more advanced programming. Additionally, Dart has a large and supportive online community that can help answer questions and provide guidance for new users. Overall, Dart is a fairly accessible language to learn and can be a great introduction to programming.

How long does it take to learn The Dart language?

It typically takes between one to three weeks to learn the basics of Dart, though advanced topics like developing mobile and web applications with the language can take a few months to learn. With the right resources and commitment, it is possible to learn the basics of Dart relatively quickly and move onto more advanced topics within a few weeks.

Is Dart better than Python?

Both Dart and Python offer advantages and disadvantages, depending on the specific use case. Both languages are widely used and have large community support, so it really comes down to the individual requirements of the project. Dart is a great language for building complex client-side web applications and mobile apps, while Python is well-suited for data science, back-end web development, and scripting. Ultimately, the best language to choose depends on the requirements of the project.

Can I start programming with Dart?

Yes, you can start programming with Dart. It is a modern language that is easy to learn and get started with. It has an intuitive syntax that allows for quick development, and its main focus on creating fast and efficient applications makes it ideal for use in a variety of different programming and web development projects. Additionally, the Dart language is compatible with both JavaScript and HTML, making it a great choice for those who want to develop for the web. Finally, the Dart language also has a wide range of helpful tools and online resources to help those new to programming get up to speed quickly.

Is Dart a programming language?

Yes, Dart is indeed a programming language. It is an open-source, strongly typed programming language created by Google and used to develop web, desktop, and mobile applications. Its syntax is similar to other popular languages such as Java and JavaScript, making it an easy language to learn for developers already familiar with those languages. Dart also offers features such as AOT (ahead-of-time) compilation, a virtual machine for running Dart code, and several libraries for common programming tasks. Dart is a great choice for developing both small and large-scale applications.

Is Dart the same as C#?

No, Dart and C# are different programming languages. Dart is an open-source, object-oriented programming language developed by Google, while C# is a language developed by Microsoft as part of its .NET framework. Both languages share some similarities in syntax and features, such as the usage of classes and interfaces, but they have distinct differences in their semantics and overall design.

Is Dart similar to Python?

Yes, Dart is very similar to Python in the fact that it is an object-oriented and high-level programming language. It also supports dynamic typing and can be used for scripting, mobile applications, and server-side development. It features a C-style syntax, and some of the libraries and frameworks in Dart are quite similar to those in Python. However, Dart is more strongly typed and is often referred to as a typed superset of JavaScript.


In conclusion, learning Dart online is a great way to get a grasp on the powerful programming language.

Not only does it provide an opportunity to learn the language in a flexible and convenient manner, but it also helps to develop the necessary skills and techniques to be able to create powerful and efficient web and mobile applications.

With the right approach, anyone can become an expert in Dart with the help of online resources and tutorials.

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