Top 9 Best Elixir Courses (Online)

David Brown (Senior Developer) Updated March 4, 2024
Top 9 Best Elixir Courses (Online)

Elixir courses for beginners

1. Elixir for Beginners (programming language)

3.7/5 (13002 students) Read the reviews
ProgLang MainSt. Online course by ProgLang MainSt. certification icon Certification available

In this course, you will learn the basics of coding in Elixir. This includes printing to the screen, creating variables, getting input from the user, doing simple math, using conditionals, and working with lists and enums. The course is designed for anyone who is interested in coding in Elixir, whether they are new to coding or have experience with another programming language. The lectures will be delivered using an online IDE called Replit, which is free to use. There will be links to Replit in the lecture resources so that you can follow along and experiment with the code snippets.

2. Elixir : Start programming on best concurrent language

3.2/5 (5956 students) Read the reviews
VJ Bambhaniya Online course by VJ Bambhaniya certification icon Certification available

This course will teach you the basics of Elixir, a functional programming language that runs on the Erlang VM. You will learn how to write programs in Elixir and how to use Elixir's features of scalability, fault-tolerance, and extensibility.

3. Build A TodoList with Elixir, Phoenix, and Ionic Angular

4.5/5 (3868 students) Read the reviews
CodeBrains.IO Tech Training Online course by CodeBrains.IO Tech Training certification icon Certification available

This course focuses on teaching students how to use Phoenix and Elixir to design a backend RESTful web service with CRUD functionality. The course covers topics such as Angular, Ionic, HTTP Requests with Fetch, CRUD Methods, Elixir Programming Language, Phoenix Framework, Database Migrations, and ORMs.

4. Elixir and Phoenix: Real World Functional Programming

4.6/5 (1545 students) Read the reviews
Dr. Mohammad Nauman Online course by Dr. Mohammad Nauman certification icon Certification available

This course is meant to give the student a feel for the rhythm behind Elixir and Phoenix so they can understand the philosophy and use it to their advantage. The course is very applied, so everything is explained through commands and code instead of slides. The course covers the fundamentals of the Elixir language and different aspects of Phoenix.

5. Elixir & Phoenix Fundamentals

3.8/5 (618 students) Read the reviews
Anthony Gonzalez Online course by Anthony Gonzalez certification icon Certification available

This course is an introduction to the Elixir programming language and the Phoenix web development framework. It covers the history and benefits of Elixir, data types, operators, pattern matching, conditionals, anonymous functions, modules, functions, and the pipe operator. It also covers the basics of Phoenix, including the directory structure of a project, routing, controllers, views and templates, and databases. The course culminates in the build of a password generator module and a todo list web application.

6. Learn ELIXIR Programming from ZERO to HERO

4/5 (531 students) Read the reviews
Pranjal Srivastava Online course by Pranjal Srivastava certification icon Certification available

The course is designed for those who want to learn the Elixir programming language. The course covers the basic syntax of Elixir, data structures, decision making statements, loops, recursion, modules, and functions.

7. LEARNING PATH: Elixir: Web Development with Elixir

4/5 (257 students) Read the reviews
Packt Publishing Online course by Packt Publishing certification icon Certification available

This course is designed to teach developers how to use Elixir to build scalable and efficient web applications. The course starts with an introduction to the functional programming paradigm and the Elixir language syntax. It then covers installation, running the interactive shell, data types and collections, pattern matching, I/O concepts, and using OTP to create robust applications. Finally, the course covers how to monitor applications using the Elixir toolset.

Advanced Elixir courses

1. Functional Programming using Elixir - The Complete Course

4.3/5 (1083 students) Read the reviews
Eduonix Learning Solutions Online course by Eduonix Learning Solutions certification icon Certification available

The course covers the basics of functional programming, Elixir syntax and how it is different from other popular languages, working with GenServer, and Mix tools. By the end of the course, students will be able to build complex applications using Elixir.

Free Elixir Tutorials

1. Elixir Programming for Beginners

4.3/5 (5647 students) Read the reviews
Aditya Giri Online course by Aditya Giri

This free tutorial will teach you the basics of the Elixir programming language. You will learn about data types, pattern matching, immutability, and more. This free course is suitable for anyone with little to no programming experience.

If you’re looking for a new programming language to learn, you should definitely check out Elixir. It’s a functional, concurrent language that runs on the Erlang VM.

Learning Elixir (programming language) Online: A Student’s Guide

The many benefits of Elixir

Elixir is a functional, concurrent, general-purpose programming language that runs on the Erlang virtual machine (BEAM).

Elixir builds on top of Erlang and shares the same abstractions for building distributed, fault-tolerant applications.

Elixir also provides an extensible toolchain and rich metadata to support the development of maintainable, large-scale applications.

Some of the benefits of Elixir include:

  • Concurrency: Elixir’s lightweight processes are perfect for concurrent and parallel programming.
  • Fault tolerance: Elixir’s Supervisor and Process recovery mechanisms make it easy to build fault-tolerant applications.
  • Productivity: Elixir’s rich syntax and powerful metaprogramming features make development fun and productive.
  • Scalability: Elixir’s BEAM VM makes it easy to horizontally scale Elixir applications.

If you’re looking for a language that will help you build robust, concurrent, and scalable applications, then Elixir is a great choice.

How to pick a course to learn Elixir

When it comes to learning a new programming language, the most important factor to consider is what type of course will best suit your needs.

With so many different Elixir courses available, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an Elixir course:

  • Do you want a course that is comprehensive and covers all the basics, or one that is more focused and covers only specific topics?
  • Do you want a course that is taught by an experienced Elixir programmer, or one that is taught by someone who is learning the language themselves?
  • Do you want a course that is self-paced and allows you to work at your own pace, or one that is more structured and has regular deadlines?
  • Do you want a course that is entirely online, or one that has some in-person components?

Once you have a good idea of what you are looking for in an Elixir course, you can start narrow down your options and find the perfect fit for you.

Elixir’s growing popularity

Elixir has been gaining in popularity lately, due in part to its excellent performance and scalability.

In addition, Elixir’s syntax is both easy to learn and pleasant to work with. For these reasons, Elixir is an excellent choice for building robust, scalable applications.

If you’re looking for a powerful, yet easy-to-use programming language, Elixir is definitely worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to learn Elixir?

Ssome ways to learn Elixir that may be effective for you include reading books or tutorials specifically on the language, participating in online forums and chatrooms dedicated to Elixir programming, or attending local meetups or conferences related to Elixir. Whichever method you choose, make sure to dedicate some time to actually using Elixir in order to gain the most practical experience possible.

Is Elixir difficult to learn?

Elixir is not difficult to learn. In fact, many people find it easier to learn than other languages. The reason for this is that Elixir syntax is very similar to Ruby, and they share many of the same concepts.

Is Elixir a good programming language?

Applications written in Elixir are composed of small, isolated processes that communicate with each other using message passing. Processes are lightweight and cheap to create, so they are used to represent all kinds of things in an Elixir application, from controllers to domain objects to workers.

Elixir also comes with a powerful macro system that allows the language to be extended in powerful ways.

Overall, Elixir is a great programming language for building scalable, fault-tolerant applications.

Is Elixir beginner friendly?

Yes, Elixir is considered to be beginner friendly. It has a very gentle learning curve and its documentation is very well written. Many people who are new to programming find Elixir very easy to pick up.

What is the Elixir programming language used for?

Elixir is used for building scalable, fault-tolerant applications. Its syntax is similar to that of Ruby, and it supports features such as metaprogramming and polymorphism.

Elixir's primary use is in building web applications, but it is also used for developing distributed systems, embedded systems, and command-line applications.

Is Elixir similar to Python?

Elixir is a very different language from Python. However, they are both powerful languages that can be used to build robust applications.

Is Elixir a backend language?

Yes, Elixir is a backend language. It is a functional language that runs on the Erlang VM. Elixir also has excellent tooling and a growing community.


Although Elixir is a relatively new language, it has already gained a lot of popularity among developers. Thanks to its great features, Elixir is a great choice for those who want to learn a new programming language.

There are many ways to learn Elixir online. One great way is to join the Elixir Slack group and ask questions to the community.

There are also many Elixir books available, such as “Elixir in Action” and “Programming Elixir”.

Overall, learning Elixir is a great way to improve your programming skills. With its growing popularity, there are many resources available to help you get started.


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