Top 4 Best CouchDB Courses (Online)

David Brown (Senior Developer) Updated March 5, 2024
Top 4 Best CouchDB Courses (Online)

1. CouchDB - Mastering Database Design with CouchDB

3.6/5 (12209 students) Read the reviews
eduCode Forum Online course by eduCode Forum certification icon Certification available

This course covers how to set up and interact with CouchDB using cURL and Futon, as well as how to create, update, and delete databases and documents. Other topics covered will include JSON, HTTP API, attaching files, and CouchDB views. Upon completion, learners will understand CouchDB setup, deployment, and usage.

2. Learn NoSQL Database Design With CouchDB

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Eduonix Learning Solutions Online course by Eduonix Learning Solutions certification icon Certification available

This course will quickly teach beginners to use the power of CouchDB to create projects for the web. Learners will gain knowledge on NoSQL Database Design Techniques, differences between SQL and document systems, CouchDB features and attributes, and how to use JavaScript and JSON in CouchDB. The course culminates in a hands-on project development using CouchDB.

3. Learn CouchDB- A Beginner to Advanced Guide

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Techno Crats Online course by Techno Crats certification icon Certification available

This course offers an introduction to CouchDB, an open-source NoSQL database written in Erlang programming language. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals and covers topics such as installation, features, Fauxton, HTTP API, Postman API, and connectivity with Java, Python and PHP. This course also explores the differences between CouchDB and MongoDB and how to create databases and documents.

4. Master PouchDB: A Complete Guide on PouchDB

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Edulearners Technologies Online course by Edulearners Technologies certification icon Certification available

This course is designed for both beginners and professionals to help them gain an understanding of PouchDB and use it to create applications that work both offline and online. It covers the basics of PouchDB and how it uses WebSQL and IndexedDB internally to store data.

Learning a new technology can provide a wealth of opportunities to improve your skillset, and CouchDB is no exception.

By mastering the CouchDB database, you can become more efficient in your work and expand your knowledge.

Learning CouchDB Online: A Student’s Guide

What is CouchDB?

CouchDB is an open-source, document-oriented NoSQL database. It is written in the Erlang programming language, and is designed to provide a simple, scalable, and highly available solution for data storage and retrieval.

It is built on a distributed system of nodes that can replicate data across multiple nodes to ensure data durability and availability. CouchDB is built on a document-oriented data model.

This means that data is stored in documents instead of traditional table-based structures. These documents contain data as key-value pairs, and can also contain attachments, such as images or binary data.

Documents are stored in collections, which can be used to organize related documents into logical groups.

CouchDB offers powerful querying capabilities to access data in the database. It uses an indexing system called MapReduce, which allows users to quickly query documents based on complex criteria.

In addition, CouchDB includes an event-based architecture, which allows it to respond to changes in the underlying data. CouchDB is highly scalable and is designed to handle high levels of read and write requests.

It is also optimized for mobile and web applications, and offers easy replication and synchronization across multiple devices.

Finally, it includes a powerful administration interface called Fauxton, allowing users to easily manage their databases.

CouchDB learning resources

For those just starting out with CouchDB, there are many great resources available to help you learn the basics and gain an understanding of its features and capabilities. Here are some of the best learning resources for CouchDB:

By taking advantage of these resources, you can quickly and easily become an expert in using CouchDB. With its scalability and flexibility, CouchDB is a great option for those looking to store large amounts of data conveniently and securely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CouchDB easy to learn?

CouchDB is an open source NoSQL document-oriented database, which is designed to provide an accessible and user-friendly way of storing and retrieving data. Although there is a learning curve to using CouchDB, once you understand the basics, it is fairly easy to learn and use. Documentation is available to help you set up and run CouchDB and it provides a powerful API for developers to interact with their data.

What is CouchDB used for?

CouchDB is well-suited for applications which require a schema-less and flexible data model, as well as for replication between different nodes. CouchDB can be used in a variety of applications such as web applications, analytics, mobile applications, and content management systems.

Does CouchDB use SQL?

No, CouchDB does not use SQL. It is a NoSQL database that stores data in JSON documents and uses JavaScript for querying and indexing. In CouchDB, data is stored in documents, which are organized into collections. Documents are accessed using HTTP/RESTful methods such as GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE.

Is CouchDB better than MongoDB?

It depends on the situation and what needs the user has. Both CouchDB and MongoDB have their advantages and disadvantages. CouchDB is more suitable for applications that require a lot of reads and writes, and it has a great scalability. MongoDB is better for applications that require faster performance, such as real-time analytics. It also has better support for analytics and data mining. In the end, it comes down to the individual user's needs and requirements.


In conclusion, learning CouchDB online can be a great way for an aspiring developer or DBA to learn the basics of NoSQL databases. By reading tutorials and following courses, one can quickly become proficient at the basics of the database and be ready to move on to more complex topics. CouchDB is a great database technology, and by engaging in self-learning activities online, anyone can gain the skills they need to work with it.

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